Dentists A Job Description

Depending on where they work, dentists may perform a number of roles. Each day will bring new and exciting challenges and each place of employment will have a different demand on the talents of the dental doctor. In some cases, a dental professional may choose to specialize in a particular subfield of the science. Others may choose to go into a general practice. A single day could bring a number of different patients, all with different needs. It is nearly impossible to fully quantify everything expected of these masters of the mouth, but here are some of the duties that may come along with that D.D.S.

Taking Care of Patients

For most dentists, caring for patients will take up the bulk of their time. F you’ve ever been in a busy dental office, you’ve seen for yourself how true that is. After all, that is what they went to school for. Each patient will have different needs, which requires the doctor to be knowledgeable in many different areas of oral care. This includes knowing how to treat and examine the teeth, the gums, and the rest of the mouth. In addition to checkups, they may be called upon to perform extractions, root canals, and other more advanced procedures.

Business Duties

Some dentists have their own practice. In addition to taking care of patients, these professionals must also put on their business caps and run their offices like a small business owner. This means taking care of administrative work, hiring and firing personnel, and even finding ways to get the word out about their practice. People don’t often like to think of a doctor’s office as a business looking for profit, but that’s exactly what it is. Just because they are providing a valuable service to the community doesn’t mean their primary objective isn’t to make a living.

Work Hours

Dentists will work varying hours depending on their employment. A resident fresh out of school may work as many as 60-80 hours a week. Someone with their own established practice may work as few as 35 to 40 hours. It all depends. Factors such as their own drive to succeed, their circumstances, where they live, and how much competition there is in town will play a part in determining how much they work.