A Paternity Test To Give Undeniable Truth About The Father

By definition, a paternity test is used to compare the DNA structure of the suspected father to that of the child. It serves to confirm that the suspected father is actually the biological father without having to test the mother. The genetic structure that makes up an individual is inherited from the mother and the father. The test compares that DNA of the child with the father to see if that child has inherited the DNA structure. Below, you will learn more about this particular test and everything that is involved in it.

As mentioned above, a basic test requires the participation of the child and of the father in question. Involving more people in the test is possible, like the mother or another child. If the mother of the child is included in the test, the results are actually improved. This is because the lab can isolate the DNA structure from the mother and put the focus on the DNA of the father in question. Such results are very confidential and are sent by email or regular mail to the person that ordered them. They regular turn around for such tests are three to four business days from the time the lab received the samples. Express processing is available by many labs where the results are obtained in two to three days, but the price is $100 to $200 more.

This test is simple to perform, it only requires a sample of saliva and cells from the inside of your cheek with a swab. The DNA collection kit is sent in the mail. It has the sterile equipment and directions in getting the samples. It is a simple task that can be done within 10 minutes. You then dry the swabs for an hour before sending them back to the lab by mail.

Such a test will offer undeniable truth that the father in question has a paternal relationship to the child. The probability is close to 99.9%. If a cheek swab is not possible, then DNA can be found in that person’s hair, nails, dry blood, cigarettes and so much more. Grandparents can also be the ones that give the sample if the father in question has passed away.